Season 1


101 Vietnam
Vietnamese Culinary Inspiration
Rolling Back the Seasons in TO
Order Soup With Your Own Bowl
102 Jamaica
The Other Spice Island
The Proof is in the Jerk
Shopping for Caribbean Food
Portable Island Heat from Jamaica
103 South India
Crepes the South Indian Way
Vegetarian Delight
South Indian Vegetarian
104 Ethiopia
Berbere: It's all in the Mix
Kafa Anyone?
Sambussa: A Portable Snack
What's Wat
105 Korea    
A Hankering for Korean
Korean Hangover Helper
Bursting With Fantastic Flavour
Korean Groceries Galore
106 Trinidad/Guyana
Tastebud Tour of Trinidad
Roti: A Host of Flavours
Double Your Guyanese Flavour    
Peppers of the Caribbean

107 South China
Authentic Chinese Chow     
Lunch - Cantonese Style     
Mooncake - a Chinese treat     
Chinese Breakfast Anyone?

108 Mexico
Pozole: Soup for the Soul
A Hot Spot in Kensington Market
Mexican Tacos on Bloor
Smile and Say "Queso!"

109 Japan
Miso Makes Super Soup
Raising the Red Lantern
Grilled Pub Grub - Japanese Style
Master Noodle Making 101

110 North India/Pakistan
Fenugreek The Wonder Plant
Nuts, Spice and Everything Nice
Fresh Food Fit for a King
Tikka to Go From Curry House

111 Thailand
The Root Cause of Flavour
Exotic Thai Tastes
The Salad King's Freshness Factor
Thai Taste Bud Tune-up

112 North China
These Noodles are Works of Art
Dining The North Chinese Way
Snacking North by Northeast
Chinese Food Bonanza

113 Lebanon
Gourmet Lebanese Fare
Falafel: It's all in the Beans
Rosewater and Spice

Season 2


201 Morocco/Tunisia
Couscous 101
Boujadi's Marvellous Moroccan Fare

202 Brazil
Seductive Seafood
Colour, Carnival and Carne at the CopaCabana
203 Greece
So Many Meze - So Little Time
The Sweet Greek at Athens Pastries
204 Philippines
Soaring to New Heights with Adobo
Hello Halo Halo!
205 Cuba
Nuevo Cuban Fare with Flare
Cuban Comfort Food at Julie’s Cuban Restaurant
206 Russia
Borodinsky - a Multi-Purpose Better Bread
Revelling in Rustic Russian Fare



207 Goa
Going, Going...Goan at Dom’s Kitchen
Goan Groceries for the Worldly Cook

208 West Africa
Nigeria - A Culinary Pioneer
Turning up the Heat at B's Place African Cuisine

209 Hungary
Hungarian Sophistication
Magnificent Magyar

210 Turkey
Feast Like a Sultan
Turkish Street Eats at Pizza Pide

211 Peru
Memories of Peru
Peruvian Crowd Pleasers

212 Poland
Granowska’s - Keeping it in the Family
Old Country, New Favourites

213 Spain
Tantalizing Tapas at Torito
A Passion for Fine Food

Season 3


301 Jewish
Heavenly Healthy Cream Cheese
All-Natural Bagel Bakery
Forest Hill hotspot offers tastes of the Middle East
Wolf down some brisket
302 Colombia
Latin Heart in the Polish Village
South America flavour on St. Clair
Discover Columbus Bakery's treats
Roadside attraction     
303 Italy
Get Away to Grano's
Have a bowl of frozen pleasure
Summer in a jar
304 Tibet
A Little Tibet Goes a Long Way
Some butter with your tea?
Tibetan feast has spirit
Celebrate like a Tibetan
305 Ukraine
A Taste of Kyiv in Etobicoke
Chew the fat at Vatra
306 Persia
Pure Persian Pomegranate pleasure
Tanoor takes you on a magic carpet ride
Persian flavours
Sweet treats with a Persian twist
307 Malaysia
Not your usual Asian fare     
Bring Malaysia home
Malaysian makeover


308 Chile
From Pool Hall to Bistro
It's Chile in the Market
Sizzling good sausages
Celebrate with Carmenère

309 Germany
Musket has you in Hock
Best wurst in town
Be a Bavarian for a weekend

310 Sri Lanka
Soup-reme treats downtown
Say goodbye to bland
Discover Sri Lankan delights downtown

311 Portugal
Fresh from the Grille
Pork...Portuguese style
Portuguese cuts on Dundas
Custard secret in the baking

312 Nordic
Delights from a Swedish chef
Villa is worth the drive
Go for an authentic Danish
Spice up your baking   

313 El Salvador
Hot Tamales, Salvadoran style
Salsa flavour on St. Clair
Delights on the Queensway
Can't beat the sweets at the Latin Emporium