103 - Crepes the South Indian Way

By Mary Luz Mejia

It's no secret that India has one of the largest vegetarian populations in the world, particularly in the south where legumes and veggies reign supreme.

The variety of dishes and flavours using simple ingredients conjured up by Indian cooks is truly astonishing. One of my favourites is the delectable dosa -- a thin, lacy golden crepe often stuffed with wonderful savoury fillings.

Dosa on a traySaravana Bhavan is the ultimate dosa destination in the GTA. Located in a strip mall in Mississauga, this restaurant is actually a very established chain with headquarters in the southern Indian city of Chennai.

I'm particularly fond of the onion and potato stuffed dosa which is served with a colourful selection of curries, chutneys and sambars for dipping. Mint chutney is cooling, the sambars offer up some mild heat and the tomato chutney is an explosion of fresh flavour.

And when you're done with your dosa, you can savour a true Indian treat -- Madras coffee. You get one tall cup inside a smaller one so that the sugar, coffee and milk foam seamlessly blend when you pour the contents of the taller cup into the shorter one. The result is a rich, sweet and full bodied coffee that tastes like mocha dessert in a cup.

Saravana Bhavan
4559 Hurontario St.
Mississauga, Ontario