105 - Bursting With Fantastic Flavour

By Mary Luz Mejia

Koreans love snacks as much as North Americans do, and the best place to grab some throughout Korea is from the pojangmacha, or local street-eats vendor. From quick on-the-go foods to more elaborate dishes that can be enjoyed in tent-like structures while sitting on chairs or benches, Korean street eats are always tasty and usually spicy.

Take for example the sweat-producing dok buki. Long, thin rice cakes are stewed with a gochuchang-based sauce (hot Korean pepper paste), sweetened with some sugar and sold in individual portions. In North York, Mot Na Son serves up some superior dok buki that will set your mouth alight with both heat and unexpected flavours.

Mot Na Son also makes an excellent Kalbi or Korean-style beef ribs. Considered one of the most popular grilled dishes in Korea, the short ribs are marinated overnight in a garlic, sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce and green onion mixture. Gourmands like to add red wine and oriental pear slices for extra flavour -- but either way, once the marinade seeps into the ribs, the result is a succulent meat that's bursting with fantastic flavour. The marinade also serves as a natural tenderizer, which makes grilling the meat over a gas table-top grill all the easier.

Once cooked, you literally cut the meat into bite-sized portions with scissors, grab a lettuce leaf, rice, gochuchang paste and roll the parcel into one, neat mouthful. Fresh, spicy, juicy and all-round mouth-watering, this is a dish that beats a plain old hamburger hands down any time in my books.

Mot Na Son
5374 Yonge Street
North York, Ontario