105 - Korean Hangover Helper

By Mary Luz Mejia

I have it on good authority there's a magical Korean soup that cures most of what ails you. This mythical concoction is the ever-popular gamja-tang or pork bone soup.

Korean porkbone soupPrepared by the Chinese and Japanese as well, the Korean version of this hearty soup includes a steaming mound of full shank pork bones gently simmered in a terrifically spicy broth made with potato, salted by miso paste and spiked with Korean hot peppers and kimchi (hot pickled vegetables).

Downtown Korea Town's Ka Chi has been serving up bowls of this home-made wonder for years to anyone looking for Korean comfort food.

Owner Francisco Han and his wife Jenny also whip up a mean bibimbap -- a rice and meat or veggie dish that's served in a hot stone bowl with a whole egg on top. Gochujang paste is served on the side if you need to add heat.

But if it's more soup you're after and you'd rather not have the pork bone version, Ka Chi also offers up meatless versions with kim chi or tofu taking centre stage. Either way, a soup that's said to help people get over hangovers, is a soup worth trying on numerous counts.

Ka Chi Korean Restaurant
612 Bloor St.W.
Toronto, Ontario