106 - Peppers of the Caribbean

By Mary Luz Mejia

Published: April 19, 2005 

You've likely heard of Jamaican curried goat, but have you ever heard of or tried the Guyanese version of this Caribbean specialty?

Relying less on the incendiary Jamaican Scotch bonnet pepper and more on turmeric and regional curry blends, the Guyanese version is a peppery, lip-smacking dish that's no stranger to spicy heat, either.

Guyanese curried goatPam Singh of Pam's Caribbean Kitchen cooks up brimming pots of her version on-site which seamlessly melds both Indian curry traditions (her husband is Indian) with her own Guyanese roots. The result is a truly unique curry using goat meat that's coated for over two hours in her spicy marinade. The meat is then cooked in Pam's own roasted five-spice masala mix that includes cumin, ginger and chilies.

If goat's not your thing, then you could be persuaded to try one of The other house specialties and the Guyanese dish of choice -- curry duck.

You can wash down all of these spicy treats with some mauby -- a refreshing non-alcoholic drink that's usually made from mauby tree bark, orange peel, cinnamon and cloves. It's got a creamy, vanilla-like scent, but it can be a bit bitter for those not used to this Guyanese drink!

Pam's Caribbean Kitchen
969C Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Ontario

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