106 - Roti: A Host of Flavours

By Mary Luz Mejia

Published: October 12, 2005 

When Kori Siebert decided to leave the corporate world and open her own roti shop in Oakville, her intention was to bring a little bit of her native Trinidad to a decidedly non-West Indian suburb.

Along with her good intentions, Kori also brought some tried and tested recipes from back home -- including the most succulent, full-flavoured rotis you'll likely ever have.

Trini rotiRotis are the West Indian version of the tortilla, only these pancake-like flatbreads wrap around aromatic, curried meats and/or vegetables. The roti landed on southern Caribbean shores in the 1800s when labourers arrived from India, bringing with them the spicy taste of home.

Kori's makes their roti shells in the Indian dhalpourie style, sprinkling ground split peas between the layers. Everything is made fresh daily - from the shells to the fillings which range from shrimp, skinless/boneless chicken breast, and goat to potato and chickpeas in curry. They also offer patrons no less than nine levels of heat -- ranging from wussy to suicidal, depending on your desire to sweat, and Trini sodas or "sweet drinks", as they're called on the islands, to wash it all down.

Folded up and closed on either end, these parcels of savoury goodness pack a host of flavours in every bite, and it seems West Indian palates aren't the only appreciative fans of these delights.

Kori's rotis have made their way to Europe, the United States and a host of other far-flung locations where folks with an appetite for the authentic taste of Trinidad, look no further than Oakville, Canada to satiate their island cravings.

Kori's Roti Stop
1026 Speers Road
Oakville, Ontario

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