106 - Tastebud Tour of Trinidad

By Mary Luz Mejia

Want to sample the sensational street eats of Trinidad's famed Maraca's Bay Beach, but can't quite get there right away? Not to worry, Marie Alexander's Eazy Eats on Broadview, takes you there for the price of a dish or two.

A sure fire hit is Marie's shark and bake. A Trinidadian version of our fish and chips, this satisfying plate consists of tender, young shark meat fillets that have been seasoned with chili flakes and a number of other spices before they're given a light dusting of flour and fried. Replacing our chips is the fried bake -- a pita-looking dough accompaniment that's made with flour and a hint of coconut. A fresh salad and a dollop of Marie's home made spicy mango chutney round out this terrific pairing.

Other not-to-be-missed Trini specialties include the island's national dish -- crab callaloo soup (perfect on a cold winter's day), a number of house-blended curries over rice and the ultimate crowd-pleaser, Trinidadian bread pudding. This dessert is made daily and is considered one of the city's finest. It's sweet without being cloying. Raisins, coconut and pecans are added for a textural dimension that's very appealing.

But I'd have to say it's Marie's essence or custard that's the real lip-smacker. She infuses it with a sprinkling of cinnamon and dash of island rum for extra flavour and warmth. And that's almost enough to turn any cold Toronto day into a virtual trip to the beach!

Toronto, Ontario

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