108 - A Hot Spot in Kensington Market

By Mary Luz Mejia

Published: July 19, 2006 

There are few things more exciting for hot-food aficionados than walking the pepper-packed aisles of a real Mexican mercado (or market).

Head to Perola's in Kensington Market for fresh or dried chilies of just about every stripe.

Eaten raw in salsas, dried, roasted, stewed, fried and just about any other way you can imagine, Mexican chilies add depth and dimension to numerous Mexican dishes. Dried peppers tend to be sweeter in flavour – lending soups like pozole their distinctive earthy smokiness. Larger peppers are often stuffed with rice, vegetables and/or meat such as the famous chilaquiles while others such as chiles en nogada are smothered in a creamy, rich walnut sauce.

Poblanos, habaneros, jalapenos, anchos, guajillos -- Perola's Supermarket carries them all. Just remember, the hottest pepper around is the red savina habanero and the only way to douse that fire is by drinking milk or eating bread. You've been warmed and warned!

Perola's Supermarket
247 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, Ontario