110 - Fenugreek The Wonder Plant

By Mary Luz Mejia

Published: August 2, 2006 

What if I told you that there's a plant that both makes your food taste great and has medicinal properties that are alleged to remedy many common illnesses? If you find that hard to believe, then let me introduce you to the amazing fenugreek plant.

Used widely in Indian cooking, fenugreek, commonly known as methi, is consumed fresh and in seed form. Available either way at the new and spacious Asian Food Centre in Brampton, fenugreek is prized for its tangy flavour and aromatic scent. Fresh fenugreek is added mostly to curries and parathas, or utilized simply as an herb. The seeds are roasted for use in curry powders or soaked overnight to make a wet paste, and are often added in vegetable dishes and numerous chutneys.

Methi seeds are the real all-purpose powerhouse in this plant. They're known to contain proteins, amino acids, phosphates and iron that can be easily absorbed through the gastro-intestinal tract. When turned into a fine powder and consumed, the seeds have been reputed to aid in the healing of hemorrhoids, arthritis, sore throats, tonsillitis, coughs and stomach burning. When mixed with honey and applied locally, it's even said to relieve chest pain and is often used as an expectorant in ancient Indian medicine.

And if all of that wasn't enough, it's also said to help relieve inflammation in the urinary tract and when the seeds are boiled in water, the resulting water is used as a face wash to help cure skin rashes! But if it's for culinary reasons that you're interested in methi, there are various wonderful dishes you can make using the seeds as the main attraction. One of these includes Methi Goju, a delicious dish made with tamarind, channa dhal, fresh coconut and curry leaves. Either way, this medicinal plant is as good for you as it is good to eat. Enjoy!

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