110 - Fresh Food Fit for a King

By Mary Luz Mejia

It's well past midnight and you've either tired of clubbing, sitting in front of your computer or you're just in from out of town and your ravenous appetite is about to turn you into a werewolf.

Pizza and burgers just aren't cutting it -- you want a real meal -- something fresh, hot and perhaps even a bit spicy. You, my friend, want to head over to King Palace on Sherbourne to eat like Pakistani royalty.

Don't let the less than stately surroundings fool you -- just because King Palace is located behind a petrol station, is no reflection of the incredible food that awaits within. Steam tables laden with golden curries, king fish fillets, dahls, several kinds of rice dishes, freshly made naan or roti and enough combo plates to give even the most novice a few choices are available everyday.

I'm told the lamb shank dish is terrific and I can personally vouch for the ginger chicken with a helping of right-out-of-the-tandoor naan. A side of slowly cooked chickpeas in a fragrant tomato curry and this is one meal I could repeat any time of the day. You've got your pick of butter chicken, lentil dahl, an assortment of kebobs and a kitchen that stays hopping until 4 a.m. (the restaurant is open until 5 a.m. every day!)

You know what they say about Chinese restaurants -- if you look in and see a lot of Chinese folks chowing down, it's a good sign the food won't fail to please. Same goes for King Palace -- line ups of East Indian cabbies crowd the spotless resto to fill up on food that's fresh, flavourful and simply fantastic.

King Palace Restaurant
105 Sherbourne St.
Toronto, Ontario