110 - Tikka to Go From Curry House

By Mary Luz Mejia

In the heart of a subdivision in Brampton, tucked away behind big houses and SUV's lies one of the GTA's hidden North Indian gems: India Curry House. One side is fine dining, the other a more family style, sit-down restaurant with a long sweet counter wrapping around the far wall. A hand-painted mural of rural Indian scenes decorates the dining room, where diners listen to the mystic sounds of the tabla undulating through the speakers.

Chicken tikkaInterrupting this tranquil oasis is the fiery sizzle emanating from a hot cast-iron skillet. Initially, it looks possibly like North Indian fajitas, with perfectly puffed naan posing as tortillas, but this is decidedly more exotic. 

This is Chicken Tikka Haryali -- a terrific blend of green chilis, cilantro and regional spices mixed into yogurt that's used as the marinade/base for skinless chicken breast pieces. The flavourful morsels are tandoor roasted and served over a bed of shredded cabbage, onions, tomato and cucumber.

India Curry House boasts a couple of authentic tandoor ovens imported from India in which their expertly prepared naan bread is made by Chef Gurmeet and his team. If the naan isn't enough to douse the fire of the tikka, a side order of raita -- an aromatic yogurt-based condiment often prepared with shredded cucumbers and mint, will cool the senses while imparting a clean finish to every bite.

For those in a hurry, you can wrap your meat and veggies in a fluffy naan, give it a drizzle of raita and you've got a Naan Tikka Roll to go wherever you do.

India Curry House
80 Pertosa Drive Units 15-17
Brampton, Ontario