111 - The Salad King's Freshness Factor

By Mary Luz Mejia

You'll find one of this city's most beloved Thai restaurants standing shoulder to shoulder beside Ryerson University. Linda Liu and her husband Ernest have been feeding both hungry students and Thai food fans at their restaurant, Salad King, for years, earning customer loyalty by using the freshest ingredients possible.

Thai green curryMost Thai places opt for the quick and convenient canned curry pastes to prepare many of their dishes. Not so at the Salad King. Linda's team makes their popular curry pastes from scratch. Depending on which kind of paste is being prepared, ingredients can include fresh Thai chillis, coconut milk, galangal, garlic, kaffir lime leaves and coriander root.

Take for example their green curry chicken. Lean, cooked pieces of chicken are simmered in the home-made green curry paste with fresh broccoli florets and crisp green bean pods. Served in a bowl with a perfect mound of jasmine rice on the side, diners can choose their heat factor ranging from 0 to a torturous 20 (only for the very brave!) to customize their curry.

Soups, noodle and rice dishes are all painstakingly prepared with detail to attention and quality. The hardest part is believing that you've only paid a fraction of what you thought the total bill would amount to. So, to congratulate yourself on your wallet-friendly find, I suggest you finish off with some creamy and cooling Thai coconut or mango ice cream. Besides, you'll want to linger in the fun and funky surroundings that make you feel as if you've discovered a hidden gem in the heart of Bangkok.

Salad King 

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