207 - Going, Going Goan at Dom’s Kitchen

By Mary Luz Mejia

While Goa may be best known for its pulsating trance party anthems and miles of awe-inspiring beaches, its wonderful food deserves as much, if not more attention. Speak to any Goan - Hindu or Catholic - and they’ll tell you that seafood is the staple food of choice. Goans will take their seafood any (and every) way they can get it - in soups, as appetisers and, of course, as the main event. From deep fried pomfrets to prawn puffs, these dishes are usually coupled with some fluffy basmati rice and a shot of Feni (a potent Goan spirit made from Cashew Apples or Palm sap) to chase it all down with.

For a true taste of perfectly prepared Goan delicacies, available right here in the GTA, you need look no further than Dom’s Kitchen in Mississauga. Located smack dab in the middle of a predominantly Chinese strip mall, this little gem of a spot is not to be missed. Your affable host is Mr. Dominic Fonseca (or Mr. Dom as he’s known), who, along with his trusty team of cooks and servers, dishes up plate after satisfying plate of Goan classics.

One of my favourites is the Fish Ambotik Curry. It’s a sour-hot dish using just the right combination of cumin, turmeric, ginger and, for heat, red chillies. In Goa, you’ll find this dish often prepared with shark or catfish. The day I had it at Dom’s, it was made with a tender white fish- perfect for soaking up the spicy heat of the golden red sauce. As a side pickle, I savoured the Prawn Balchao- a fiery hot relish made of prawns, onions, garlic and chillies. Often served with plain white rice, the prawn balchao is a condiment that can literally eat like a meal!

Dom’s also offers fabulous beef Pan Rolls (imagine a spicy, meat-filled crepe that’s the quintessential party food), Goan sausages, and a mouth-watering Chicken Xacuti (made with a coconut curry sauce). If you can’t decide which you’d rather try, Dom’s offers a daily lunch buffet that will have you savouring true Goan food without even getting on a plane!

Dom’s Kitchen
1177 Central Parkway West
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 275-0110

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