213 - A Passion for Fine Food

By Mary Luz Mejia

Celebrating its 90th year, Pasquale Brothers Downtown Ltd. is THE go-to place for fine food from around the world. Anna Marie Madott Kalcevich proudly carries on the tradition started by her forefathers, offering Torontonians a gorgeous selection of gourmet fare, including an impressive array of authentic Spanish goods.

Whether you’re looking to make a traditional Paella or host you very own tapas party, Anna Marie and her helpful staff can supply you with all manner of treats that are sure to elicit ooohs and ahhhs from every guest. Apart from Spanish saffron and the legendary Bomba rice (for that perfect paella), the shop also features a wonderful selection of Spanish olives. Manzanillas stuffed with Cabrales cheese (Spanish goat cheese), anchovies or pimento and Queens (also referred to by some as Gordals) plain or stuffed with garlic and onions comprise just some of the varied selection.

My favourites, however, are the Arbequina olives from northern Spain. These small olives (much smaller than the other Spanish varieties mentioned here) are brown/green in colour and are famous for their nutty flavour. If you’ve never savoured some Arbequina olive oil, do yourself a favour and try it- it is in my estimation superlative in flavour and fantastic as a finishing oil on many a Mediterranean dish. A little Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive oil, drizzled over a toasted slice of baguette, rubbed with garlic and topped off with a piece of Spain’s Manchego cheese gives you the beginnings of a tremendous tapas repast. What could be better than that? Buen Provecho!

Pasquale Brothers Downtown Ltd.
16 Goodrich Road
Etobicoke, ON
(416) 364-7397