301 - Heavenly Healthy Cream Cheese

By Lauren Gosnell

The other day I bought brand name cream cheese from my local grocer. The next morning, I eagerly spread it on my bagel and took a bite. To my surprise, it was not the fresh and creamy taste I was expecting but rather something thick, plastic-like and tasteless. When I reread the label, I realized that I had bought the 95% less fat version. When it comes to cream cheese, it seems that sacrificing taste for calories is definitely not worth it.

In search for a superior tasting healthy cream cheese, I found myself at Daiter’s Fresh Market. At Bathurst and Lawrence, it’s a little further from my downtown apartment then the local grocer, but well worth the trip. Daiter’s Lana Brand cream cheese and cottage cheese are two of their biggest selling products. And for good reason – the cream cheese is perfection – velvety, light and fresh. There are also several flavours like smoked salmon and fresh vegetable as well as a low fat version.

Daiters cheese cuttingIt is the cottage cheese, however, that put Daiter’s on the map back in 1937 when Henry Daiter first opened up the store in Kensington Market. It hasn’t changed a bit since. The cheese is made in small batches with absolutely no fillers or preservatives and sold in the cheesecloth it was made in. What’s even better is the 0.5% milk fat cottage cheese – a tasty, choice caloriewise.

So thankfully, skipping out on the fat doesn’t always mean sacrificing flavour. Next time you crave fresh cream cheese or cottage cheese, skip the supermarket and head to Daiter’s Fresh Market for the real thing.

Daiter’s Fresh Market
3535 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario