302 - Discover Columbus Bakery's treats

By Lauren Gosnell

Colombians have a tradition called El Algo. It means “the something” and refers to a tea or coffee break where generous amounts of baked goods are consumed.

For local Colombians, the go-to place to pick up treats for El Algo is the Columbus Bakery on Dufferin Street.

Formerly an Italian bakery, Carlos Muriel and his family took over the business but kept the name. Today, the Columbus makes fresh Colombian baked goodies like buñuelos – deep-fried, sweet, cheese puffs.

Columbus bakeryThey are made from Queso Fresco (soft, fresh cheese) which is kneaded into corn flour dough with sugar, eggs and baking powder. The balls are dropped into hot oil and come out sweet and crunchy on the outside and soft and hot in the middle. Buñuelos are the ultimate El Ago treat to go with excellent Colombian coffee.

Other favourite pastries include pastel de gloria - a flaky pastry stuffed with guava paste - and pastel de arequipe - a flaky pastry filled with Columbia’s version of dulce de leche, a divine caramel cream. Another way to enjoy arequipe is smothered on a couple of large round wafers called obleas and made into a sandwich.

On a hot summer day, the Columbus Bakery has two thirst quenching favourites.

Salpicón is a fresh fruit cocktail sold on street corners all over Columbia, but especially in the hotter regions.

Agua de panela con limon is a simple, refreshing drink of cane sugar water with lemon.

Colombian empanadas are one of the popular movers at the Columbus.

Different from Chilean baked empanadas, the Colombian empanada is a yellow corn flour pocket stuffed with potatoes and cheese. The empanada is deep-fried briefly to create a crispy crunchy shell that is not at all greasy.

The Columbus Bakery
2931 Dufferin St.
Toronto Ontario