302 - South America flavour on St. Clair

By Lauren Gosnell

Monica Jimenez brings some of the bold colour and zest of her homeland, Colombia, to St. Clair West at Mi Tierra restaurant.

From the yellow, blue and red bench sitting outside to the traditional wooden miniature balconies hanging inside, the colours of Colombia are proudly on display.

Serving up popular comfort foods, the Mi Tierra draws a steady dedicated crowd of Colombian and Latin American patrons.

One of the favourite national dishes is Sancocho – a rustic beef soup generously filled with chunks of cassava, potato, plantain, carrots and cabbage. In Colombia, the dish varies from region to region. Along the coast, fish is a popular choice while in the mountains chicken, oxtail or beef is more common. Monica points out that a nourishing and restorative bowl of sancocho is an effective hangover cure!

Mi Tierra arepaThe arepa corn pancake is an essential starch in a Colombian meal, replacing bread as a side. Made from ground corn meal, the dough is grilled lightly in a round flat shape. They can be eaten plain with a little butter or cheese or topped with meat or avocado.

At Mi Tierra, the arepa con carne is prepared with a succulent strip of grilled strip loin topped with a dollop of salsa made with onions, tomatoes and cilantro from the restaurant's own garden.

The flan de caramelo is a sweet end to the meal – a mellow custard soaked in a caramel sauce. Or if a little fire is more your style, order up a shot of Colombia’s 60-proof aguardiente. This anise-flavoured liquor is made from distilled sugarcane molasses. Once the molasses converts to alcohol, more sugar is added again to make Colombian aguardiente extra sweet.

Mi Tierra
828 St. Clair Ave. W
Toronto, Ontario