303 - Have a bowl of frozen pleasure

By Lauren Gosnell

Have you ever wondered about the difference between gelato and ice cream? Gelato is more then just the Italian word for ice cream. It literally means “frozen pleasure”.

Made from milk not cream like its North American counterpart, gelato is lower in fat. It is also denser than ice cream since air is not pumped into the product. As a result, gelato achieves a richer flavour and creamier texture than ice cream.

La Paloma Gelateria has served top quality gelato to Toronto since 1967. Their storefront can stock up to 72 flavours at any given time!

The most popular and traditional Italian flavour is limone (lemon).

It packs a sour punch but goes down smooth and creamy.

gelatoOther Italian favourites include pistachio and hazelnut, which truly capture their rich, nutty flavours. With a treat as velvety and delizioso as this it isn’t hard to indulge!

La Paloma is a real family affair. The gelato maker is Salvatore Giannone, while his son Carmelo runs the business side of things. When it comes to creating flavours, Salvatore can’t help but draw inspiration from his family. Take for example an Oreo-flavoured gelato aptly named Salvatoreo, after his grandson (and namesake). There’s also one named after his wife, Rocher Caterina. Now that is gelato made with love!

Other inspirations are drawn straight from Italy. Salvatore pays tribute to his hometown with Cassata Siciliana, named after the famous sponge cake. La Paloma also creates flavours based on what is fresh and available locally. A fall favourite is walnut. Lactose-free options like soy chocolate and soy hazelnut are also available.

With enough flavours to suit almost any set of taste buds and one third the fat of ice cream, La Paloma’s gelato is a (semi) guilt-free, frozen taste of heaven. Bello!

La Paloma
1357 St. Clair Ave W.
Toronto, Ontario