307- Malaysian makeover

By Lauren Gosnell

A couple years ago, Restoran Malaysia got a makeover. Owner Howard Chew renovated his popular eatery and doubled its space.

The lush, dark wooden interiors replete with earth-toned murals of exotic lands create an exciting space to share dinner among friends.

Howard has no trouble filling up the extra space. Customers return night after night because the food is spectacular.

Malaysian cuisine is a melting pot of Indian, Chinese and Thai flavours. Dishes can be fiery hot but also achieve a consummate balance of spices.

Satay platterThere are plenty of winning dishes to choose from: Delicious satay platters, Chinese-inspired noodle dishes and Indian curries and roti bread. Bring friends to sample a bit of everything.

The satay platter is the right way to whet your appetite. Satays are the ultimate Malaysian street food. Tender chicken, beef or shrimp on a stick, grilled to perfection and served with peanut sauce is a simple pleasure. The platter is complemented with crispy sping rolls and freshly-made shrimp cakes.

The Penang Rojak is a unique starter, sure to tantalize the full spectrum of taste sensations. A sweet and savoury salad made of slices of apple, mango and pineapple with tofu and roasted peanuts in a dark, thick salty shrimp roe sauce.

For noodle-lovers, try the Penang-fried char kway teow.

Perfect large flat noodles are spiced just right with a lot of chilies.

If things get too spicy, teh tarik is the perfect remedy. Black tea diluted with evaporated milk is tossed back and forth by hand to cool it down and give it a frothy texture - a bit like a tea latte. The temperature of the tea absorbs the chilies in your mouth and soothes the taste buds.

Gula MelakaFor afters, the Gula Melaka is a favourite comforting Malaysian dessert. Made from sago pearls (similar to tapioca), the soft beady pudding has a smooth chewy texture like the balls at the bottom of bubble tea. It’s sweetened with a palm sugar syrup and topped with a dollop of divine coconut cream.

Restoran Malaysia
815 Major Mackenzie Drive East
Richmond Hill, Ontario