308 - Sizzling good sausages

By Lauren Gosnell

Leonardo takes pride in giving the traditional Chilean sausage his own unique spin.

From his store, Segovia Meat Market in Kensington Market, you can sample creations like the Santiago Verde and Blanco (green and white pork sausages).

Segovia blancosHe designed these as odes to his native Santiago in Chile. They are some of the tastiest sausages in town. The Verde is made of green onion, spinach, peppers, pork and garlic. The Blanco is basically the same but without the spinach.

They were crafted to be colourful, fun and flavourful, reflecting the way Chileans like to eat at home.

Unlike most sausages you buy at supermarkets, Leonardo uses absolutely no fillers or binders. This means you can take the meat out of its casing and it just crumbles. Take a tip from Leonardo and get creative – we suggest Santiago Verde spinach lasagna!

Leo comes from four generations of butchers – including a few uncles who have taught him and his cousins along the way.

The recipe for Segovia’s classic Chilean sausage was passed down from his father.

This is a pork-based sausage with pepper, cumin and garlic and spiced to your liking.

The spices come from old European and Spanish recipes. The use of garlic, cumin and pepper is common throughout Chile and even in Argentina and Uruguay.

In the summertime, Leonardo takes to the streets of Kensington market and barbeques some of his brilliant sausages as well as double marinated adobo pork ribs, pork chops, beefsteaks and ribs. The adobo, a favourite seasoning in Chile, is Leo’s grandfather’s recipe.

Paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, and garlic go into this bright red marinade that gives the meat a very South American flare.

Segovia Meat Market
218 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, Ontario