311 - Fresh from the Grille

By Lauren Gosnell

Churrascao Market Grille is a hidden gem.

Located behind the Value Village at Rogers Road and Weston Road, it’s easy to miss if you’re just driving by. But this Portuguese restaurant is definitely worth stopping at.

Amidst the warm inviting atmosphere, owner David Ribeiro serves up traditional Portuguese cuisine with a light deft hand.

Every meal begins with some delicious brao (Portuguese corn bread) served with David’s famous black olives and beans.

Be careful not to fill up though, because the servings at Churrascao are substantial.

The grilled Piri Piri chicken is cooked in a special vertical roaster that David imported from Portugal. The chicken is pressed between two grills and stands up straight in the oven so that the chicken is cooked evenly on both sides.

The result is a tender chicken with all the juices sealed in a perfectly crispy but not overcooked skin coated with piri piri chili sauce.

David exercises confident restraint with his piri piri, never allowing the heat of the chilies to outshine the full flavour of the chicken.

ChanfanaOne of David’s classic specialties is the braised goat or chanfana. Traditionally prepared with an old goat, this dish shows no sign of a tough cut of meat. The slow braising produces tender morsels that fall apart at the touch of a fork.

Cooked in a heady mixture of red wine and spices, the chanfana takes on a deep maroon colour to match an intense rich flavour.

Bring your meal to a sweet end with a ring of fresh grilled pineapple drizzled with port.


Churrascao Market Grille
605 Rogers Road Unit D1
Toronto Ontario