311 - Portuguese cuts on Dundas

By Lauren Gosnell

Portugal’s national food, codfish or bacalhau, is so beloved that they say there’s a different recipe for every day of the year.

Luis Pavão Jr., owner of Salsicharia Pavão, offers same handy tips on buying bacalhau.

BacalhauTo start, bacalhau is sold preserved – dried and salted in large flat pieces. Look for a piece that is white in colour – not yellow. White means that the cod is fresh and was preserved properly. If the fish has a yellow tinge, it indicates that you may find maggots when you cook it.

A good piece will also have a fine dusting of salt on it. As a result, you will have to soak it for 24 hours to rehydrate it and remove most of the salt. The fish will swell in size and become soft and pliable – ready for cooking.

Grilling and baking are just two favourite ways to prepare bacalhau. Each method produces a different taste and texture in the fish, but both are delicious.

Chourico sausagesSalsicharia Pavão is a College Street butcher with some of finest Portuguese foods in town. Their varieties of chouriço sausages range from mild to fiery hot. They also import great cheeses like St. George’s – a strong-flavoured hard cheese which derives its distinctive flavour from the ocean air and grazing grasses of São Jorge island.

Salsicharia Pavão
1435 Dundas St. W
Toronto Ontario