313 - Delights on the Queensway

By Mary Luz Mejia and Lauren Gosnell

Far from the hustle and bustle of Kensington Market where South American grocers are on every corner, Edgar’s Latin International is a welcome little market on the Queensway strip in Etobicoke.

Owner Edgar Fredes carries the best selection of Latin American products in the city, including ingredients to make Salvadoran pupusas and tamales like the ones featured on this week’s episode of Street Eats.

Chicken tamaleEdgar stocks both plantain leaves for tamales and corn husks for corn tamales. He sells them ready-to-use, cleaned and frozen, in packages.

You’ll need tamal corn flour for the dense dough that makes up the bulk of a tamale. The Maseca brand is an instant mix that is a handy timesaver.

Like most Latin American meals, beans or frijoles are an essential side or filling in Salvadoran dishes. In El Salvador, red beans are preferred above black. They are often served refried in soups and as fillings in tamales or pupusas – El Salvador’s national food.

Edgar also recommends Crema San Julian as the perfect Salvadoran topping for your pupusas and tamales. It’s a mild sour cream condiment.

You can wash down your homemade tamales with imported Salvadoran sodas or, better still, whip up a batch of ready-mix horchata – a traditional mild cinnamon-chocolate flavoured smoothie made from ground cocoa beans, jicaro and pumpkin seeds, rice and barley.

Edgar’s Latin International
639 The Queensway
Etobicoke Ontario