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What's a wat? PJ and Sora taste and learn about these Ethiopian stews at Lalibela before heading to Ethiopian Village for authentic sambussas- samosa-like savoury pastries. A trip to Fasika brings the spiciest cuisine in Africa to the fore with kitfo or steak tartare and a serving of lamb tibs (pan fried, spicy lamb), finished off with an Ethiopian coffee service.

Eating Out:
Lalibela Restaurant, 869 Bloor St. W., Toronto – 416-535-6615
Ethiopian Village Food & Spice, 2229 Danforth Ave., Toronto – 416-686-1846
Fasika, 834 Bloor St. W., Toronto – 416-588-7819
Queen of Sheba, 1051 Bloor St. W., Toronto
Addis Ababa, 1184 Queen St. W., Toronto
Afgooyo Restaurant, 900 Albion Rd., Toronto
Ethiopian House, 4 Irwin Ave., Toronto African Paradise Restaurant, 814 Bloor St. W., Toronto
New Bilan, 183 Dundas St. E. Toronto

Ethiopian Spices, 161 Baldwin Street, Toronto – 416-598-3014

Piassa Injera & Takeout, 260 Dundas Street East, Toronto – 416-929-9116

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