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Cassavas and egusi seeds are on the menu in our West African show. Hosts PJ & Sora trace New World dishes like Jambalaya back to its roots in Old World Jollof Rice. Sora sits in on a special demonstration of harvest celebration drumming with a rare gathering of Master Drummers.

Ola Restaurant & Catering, 1644 Weston Road, North York, 416-614-6521

African Drums & Art Crafts, 618 Dundas Street West, Toronto, 416-597-0175

Mama Africa Tropical Foods & Dollar Store, 424 Cannon Street East, Hamilton, 905-777-0821

B’s Place, 1-2133 Jane Street, North York, 416-242-8858

Special thanks to:

Muhtadi, Amara Kanté, Saikou Saho, Mohammed Sanjabu, Ronda Bacchus, Michael McLarty, Alfonso Wallace

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West Africa
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