304 Tibet

Joy and Ali take care of their minds and bodies when they explore the food and culture of Tibet. At Tibet Kitchen Tenzin teaches Joy how to make momos, steamed dumplings stuffed with ground beef, onion, salt and pepper. These are a favourite with Tibetan monks. Next up is Phing-sha - a noodle dish with tomato, garlic, black fungus, beef and potatoes. Ting-Mo, or steamed rolls, is the perfect side to soak up the flavours of this dish.

Ali locates authentic Tibetan ingredients at Shangri-La produce where Samten introduces him to chilies from Nepal, phing noodles made of mung beans, and tsampa roasted barley flour to go with yak butter tea – a salty favourite that helps Tibetans stay warm in cold climates.

Ali also gets a first hand look at a Buddhist feast offering called the Dakini Tsog at the Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple.

At Little Tibet Restaurant, Joy and Ali enjoy organic spinach and tofu prepared the Tibetan way. They also spice up their life with Sham Dae lamb curry and Shogo Katsa spicy potatoes. An enlightening culinary encounter!

Tibet Kitchen, 1544 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-913-8726
Shangri-La, 1528 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-535-1440
Riwoche Temple, 28 Heintzman Street, Toronto, 416-766-7964
Little Tibet, 712 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-306-1896

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