306 Persia

Ali visits the exotic Pomegranate Restaurant to sample Fesenjaan, the food of life. Pomegranate syrup is the key ingredient in this smooth rich stew of chicken and crushed walnuts. He also tries Qormeh Sabzi or Green Stew – a lamb dish blended with fresh coriander, parsely, tarreh (chives), fenugreek and sun-dried limes. Both are served with Morasa Polo jeweled basmati rice speckled with pieces of diced carrots, tart barberries and saffron strands.

Meanwhile, Joy discovers Persian sweets at Pars Bakery. From Gaz nougat to Rolet cream rolls to an assortment of Persian flatbreads, there’s something for everyone. In the grocery aisle, she learns that flavoured waters have soothing properties. And you can have your water pipe and smoke it too with tobaccoless herbs in popular flavours like watermelon and apple.

At Tavazo, Ali drops by for some jumbo pistachios and premium dried fruits like mango, strawberry and kiwi. No preservatives or sugars added. And definitely no hormones!

Surrounded by Persian carpets and ancient musical instruments, Joy and Ali immerse themselves in a sublime Persian dining experience at Tanoor. The heart of the meal is the Abgusht lamb and potato stew prepared in an urn called a dizzy. It’s accompanied by a platter of Shirazi salad, marinated olives and kashke bademjam eggplant dip.

After dinner, the hosts relax in Tanoor’s smoking room with some Persian tea and apple-flavoured herbs that they smoke using a ghalyán (water pipe).

Pomegranate, 420 College Street, Toronto, 416-921-7557
Pars Food, 6089 Yonge Street, Toronto, 416-223-0020
Tavazo, 7349 Yonge Street, Thornhill, 905-763-1855
Tanoor, 6347 Yonge Street, Toronto, 416-225-2949

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