309 Germany

The beer kegs are flowing. It must be Oktoberfest! Lucky Joy sits down to a German beer-tasting at the Concordia Club, and both hosts tuck into festival favourites: Beef Rouladen, Pig’s Tail and Apfelstrudel.

At Denninger’s, Joy learns how the Pretzel got its shape and what’s new in sausages from Belinda Murray. Ali takes on a hungry man’s portions with Jägerschnitzel and Schweinhaxe (deep-fried Pork Hock) at The Musket. He knocks it all back with a swig of schnapps.

But the party’s not over yet. The hosts are called to the dance floor for the traditional Schuhplattler courtship folkdance. It’s literally a shoe-slapper!

Concordia Club, 429 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener, 519-745-5617  
Denninger’s, 248 King Street East, Hamilton, 905-528-8468
The Musket, 40 Advance Road, Toronto, 416-231-6488

Special Thanks to
Concordia Enzian Schuhplattler Verein
Premier Beer Company

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