310 Sri Lanka

Things get spicy when Joy and Ali experience the hot, hot heat of Sri Lankan cuisine. Joy heads to the Hopper Hut to try none other than the hopper - a milky breakfast crêpe. She also nibbles on some vermicelli-like string hoppers. For a spice overload, Joy boldly digs into a spicy lamprais – curried vegetables and rice wrapped in a banana leaf. Lucky for her, she cools down with a sweet green softdrink called Nelli Crush.

While shopping at Ambal, Ali discovers the secret ingredient to Sri Lankan cooking - Maldive Fish. He also picks up a pack of real cinnamon and comes face to face with a baby shark.

At RaviSoups, Sri Lankan food takes on a fresh new dimension when Ravi Kanagarajah updates seafood soup Kool and steamed pittu - a spectacular steamed dhal roll bathed in a coconut curry and crowned with a delicately-fried red snapper.

Hopper Hut, 880 Ellesmere Road Unit #215-217, Toronto, 416-299-4311
Ambal Trading, 591 Parliament Street, Toronto, 416-928-6665
Ravi Soups, 322 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, 416-277-6703

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