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Our intrepid hosts seek out fun, affordable and intriguing cuisine that you can find in any cosmopolitan city. With so much glorious diversity around them, they enthusiastically sample the organic delights of Ethiopian green coffee, chew tantalizing Indian betel leaf digestives, and braid Jewish challah bread.

And it’s not just the food that whets their appetites, the hosts share the table with the very people who lovingly prepare their meals. Their colourful stories tell tales of humble beginnings or glamorous pasts such as Mrs. Lee, the beautiful actress, who left the stage for love and family and who now runs a cherished Korean grillhouse. Always game to try new things, our guides take a lesson in the art of buckwheat noodle-making from a soba master, put their dancing shoes on for a little Salsa instruction, and don lederhosen for some German shoe-slapping.

From wine to song to dance, Street Eats literally drinks in all the pleasures of a rich culinary experience.

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