Ali Rizvi

Ali RizviBorn and bred a Torontonian, Ali Rizvi is a genuine reflection of the city’s impressive diversity. His father hails from India while his mother is from Madagascar. Both were raised in Pakistan. Tracing back his own roots and those of his Afghan wife a couple of generations further, Ali’s children can even lay claim to Persian ancestry.

Ali Rizvi loves to eat everywhere; at home, inside fancy restaurants, food courts, and on the street. He’s been known to mess around the kitchen and whip up a mean Jerk Chicken. There’s no question that he’s ready to try any dish at least once.

A successful actor, writer and comedian, you can catch Ali on Showcase’s Billable Hours and CBC Radio’s acclaimed radio drama Afghanada alongside his wife Monika. He was a standout finalist on CBC's comedy series The Second City's Next Comedy Legend and was featured on the Comedy Network's Nubian Disciples Special as one of the “next generation of great Canadian comics”. Ali is also an accomplished popper and freestyle dancer. He’s performed with some of the best breakdancers and b-boy crews in the country.

In his latest role, Ali is the proud father to a baby boy and a newborn baby girl. Lucky for us, he’s still got time for a Street Eat or two in between changing nappies.

Joy Olimpo

Joy OlimpoFew things come between Joy and her appetite. An enthusiastic adventurer, this Filipina hostess with the mostest loves to travel and loves to eat. So she jumped at the chance to join Street Eats. What better way to travel the world one restaurant at a time without ever leaving the city? It’s certainly easier on the pocketbook.

A driven, dynamic and spontaneous girl, Joy truly enjoys working in television both in front of and behind the camera. She was a host on YTV’s Girlz TV as well as a segment producer. Joy’s also worked for the CBC, Slice Network and bpm:tv.

From very young, Joy loved being in the kitchen and watching cooking shows. If you ask her nicely, she might tempt you with her Chicken Adobo or Sinigang soup. But her favourite foods go way beyond Asian; Joy has fallen hard for Portuguese cuisine and Chilean wine. Always game, Joy invites you to join her and whet your appetite!

PJ Kerr

PJ KerrPeter-John is an Irish/Scottish/Jamaican musician and filmmaker originally from Montréal. He likes nothing better than to pack a knapsack and his guitar and wander the world. As PJ likes to say, “There’s nothing like a great meal and a bottle of wine, surrounded by a language you don’t understand…”


Sora Olah

Sora OlahOttawa native Sora Olah has been on a quest for the perfect croissant for over two decades. Born of Hungarian and Korean parents, she truly lives up the saying, “East meets West”. Now residing in Toronto, Sora works as an actor in a variety of TV, film and theatre projects.