Special Thanks

All Seasons 

Chalk Artist: Victor Fraser

Stills Photography: Ian Watson

Season Two  

Belly dancer "Naima" in 201 Morocco provided by: The Rio Samba Divas

Samba dancers in 202 Brazil provided by: The Rio Samba Divas
Samba music in 202 Brazil courtesy of: The Samba Squad

Cuban Salsa Instructor in 205 Cuba: Sarita of Iré Omó
Salsa dance music "Sacala a Bailar" in 205 Cuba courtesy of: Caché
Songs "Mango Cha" and "Desamparado" in 205 Cuba courtesy of: Evaristo Machado
Drummers for 208 West Africa: Muhtadi, Amara Kanté, Saikou Saho, Mohammed Sanjabu, Ronda Bacchus, Michael McLarty, Alfonso Wallace
Drum song "Sorro" arranged by: Muhtadi
Song "El Condor Pasa" by Daniel Alomia Robles performed by: Peru Llajta
Flamenco dancer in 213 Spain: Angela del Sol
Flamenco guitarist in 213 Spain: Jorge Miguel
Yam and Gari Stills Photography: John Trigiani

Goan Condiment Stills: Laura Aqui

Acai Stills Photography: Acai Canada Inc.    

Season Three      

Serenade in 302 Colombia performed by: Los Inolvidables
Espresso machines and coffee beans in 303 Italy provided by: Planet Espresso

Dakini tsog feast ceremony in 304 Tibet performed at: Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple 

Song "Pershyj Raz" (First Time) in 305 Ukraine performed by: Klooch   

Restoran Malaysia artwork in 307 Malaysia permission of: JMF Designs Inc.
Song "Generación" in 308 Chile performed by: Grupo Encuentro

Masala! Mendhi! Masti! festival in 310 Sri Lanka permission of: The Satya Arts Association

Song "Siento El Perfume" in 313 El Salvador performed by: Veronica Meza